Lekker Puur(NL) - Pear Juice 20cl

Lekker Puur(NL) - Pear Juice 20cl

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In The Netherlands we are blessed with a great variety of delicious eating apples, pears and berries. 

At Fruit Boerderij Vink, in the Flevopolder they have wonderful fruit orchards where they make a variety of delicious products from like jello's, syrups and off course juices. 

Even though everything is grown with an organic and sustainable mind set, they have chosen not to certify their products as it is a costly process and they're a relatively small and independent producer. 

We love their juices as they tend to be less bitter in their after taste than most other sort like juices and they mostly deliver to like minded partners instead of targeting the big super market or whole sale chains. 

Their pear juice is a nice balanced juice. 

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