Dropati ‎– Let's Sing & Dance With Dropati (LP)

Dropati ‎– Let's Sing & Dance With Dropati (LP)

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Kind of uplifting Baithak Gana music from Surinam singer Dropati. For me the to go to track is A1 Gowri Pooja, Gowri Pooja. Rest is pretty much similar but this one has a great drive and energy to it. Very danceable!


Baithak Gana is a form of music originating in Suriname by the Indian community. Baithak is a social gathering. It is a mix of Bhojpuri folk songs with other Caribbean influences. It is similar to Chutney music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago.

In basic Baithak Gana there are three instruments (though there are other instruments that could be added to the ensemble), harmonium, dholak and the dhantal. The harmonium is a free-standing keyboard instrument similar to a reed organ. The dholak is a double headed drum that originated in Northern India, however, it is still used in the folk songs from Pakistan or Nepal. The last instrument that is used in this style of music is the dhantal which serves as the rhythmic piece of the ensemble, it consists of a long steel rod which is then "struck" by a U-formed piece, the origin of this device is unclear, as it may have been brought by the Indian indentured-laborers.

This is a Trinidad & Tobago pressing.




A1 Gowri Pooja, Gowri Pooja
A2 Manikdhar Jhabeeya
A3 Moray Gari Suno Maharaj
A4 Dasrathji Ayee-lay Beeyahan
A5 Kay Dhanwa Tora Janak
A6 Kahay Raha Ramchandra Suno Ho Janakji
B1 Sonay Kay Kharaun
B2 Karlo-nar Bahjan
B3 Sawaliya Kay Kounay Ban
B4 Gandhi Jawahar
B5 Samdhi Dekho Baakay Nirala
B6 Patna Sahar Guljau


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