Decideret Cider(DK) - Aristakrat 2017, On Bourbon barrel aged cider 5,9%, 75cl

Decideret Cider(DK) - Aristakrat 2017, On Bourbon barrel aged cider 5,9%, 75cl

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Aristakrat (2017)

We only have a few bottles left of this amazing cider, and definitely one of our favourite ones from their range. 

Craft cidery Decideret Cide from Copenhagen produces wonderful wild fermented ciders from local eating apple varieties that they collect from private gardens. 

Over 5 million kilo's of apples are going to waste, instead of being transformed into something great like cider. These apples grown in private gardens are grown without pesticides or fertiliser and are great to make drinks with. 

Although they're not created for cider making, when you approach it like the guys from Decideret Cider, you are able to produce world class cider with it, served in the best restaurants and bars the world has to offer, like Geranium and Noma. 

We see it like how the USA revolutionised the craft beer industry by creating their own styles and focus more on experimenting than what tradition told them to do. 

Aristakrat is a Bourbon barrel-aged cider made from Danish eating apples like Arista and Rød Aroma and a pinch of cider apples. 

After a year on oak barrels the wild fermented cider was bottled with fresh Holsteiner Cox juice from the small island of Lilleø. Second fermentation in the bottle and later disgorgement, where all the yeast is burst out of the bottle. 

This cider reminds us like a lambic beer, it's tart yet complex, a good dose of funk and really dry. 

Total number of bottles: 665.

5,9 % ABV – 75 cl

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