Yum Cha(UK) - Maroccan Mint, 33cl

Yum Cha(UK) - Maroccan Mint, 33cl

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Yum Cha means literally drinking tea, but in this case not your ordinary tea. Yum Cha has made a selection of natural tea syrups made from real tea leaves and other natural ingredients like dried fruit and herbs for making real iced tea's. 

They come in various flavours and this Moroccan Mint Iced Tea is made using the famous gunpowder green tea leaves that make berber whisky.
In Morocco, drinking this tea is considered an art form. Usually enjoyed hot, this iced tea version provides a beautifully fresh cold drink.

Moroccan Mint Tea (Water, Gunpowder Tea Leaves, Natural Spearmint Flavour)

Nutritional Information
Per 100ml after dilution as recommended
Energy: 50KJ/13Kcal
Protein: 0g
Carbohydrates: 3g
Fat: 0g

Contains no preservatives
Dilute 25:1 or to taste

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