Ranchelle(IT) - Millocchio Bianco(Natural Orange Wine),75cl

Ranchelle(IT) - Millocchio Bianco(Natural Orange Wine),75cl

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The MILLOCCHIO BIANCO wine primarily comes from the old vines of Millocchio vineyard.

It is an "orange" wine, which means that this white wine is made like red wine, fermenting the must together with the grape skins. Usually white wines are obtained by removing not only the stalks but also the skins before starting the fermentation.

Instead the “Millocchio Bianco” is made by following the method the peasants used in the past to make white wine by leaving the must on the skins until the end of fermentation, which can last up to four weeks.

This technique produces wine of a golden tending to orange color, the reason why this type of wine is called "orange wine".

The “Millocchio Bianco” is an assemblage of several separate fermentation of Ansonica, Clairette, Procanico, Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes done by following the philosophy of natural wine: spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts, long maceration on the skins, no added substances and no filtration. Sulfur dioxide has been replaced by nitrogen, an inert gas, which is used to protect the wines from contact with oxygen during racking and bottling.

The wines are aged for 10 months in 500 liter used oak barrels, and another 6 months in bottles before leaving the cellar.

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