Maeloc(ES) - Sidra Seca 5%, 1*33cl CAN ( KINGSDAY SALE OUT)

Maeloc(ES) - Sidra Seca 5%, 1*33cl CAN ( KINGSDAY SALE OUT)

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Estrella Galicia brewery was established in 1906 by José María Rivera Corral. The brewery is still owned by the family and it is managed by the founder’s great-grandson José María Rivera.

Maeloc was a 6th century bishop from Brittany who travelled to Galicia and founded a settlement there. The Maeloc brand name is an homage to the people who have done and do things their own way but are open to innovation while respecting tradition.

Made 100% from apples. The apples are grown in Galicia by following the organic farming practices. The flavour is fresh and fruity, with hints of ripe apples, fresh citruses, pomelo and slight tannic acid.  The aftertaste has characters of ripe apples and freshness of citruses. The cider is fermented with wild yeast in large stainless-steel vats. Malolactic fermentation is used. The cider is clarified by cooling, filtered, lightly carbonated and bottled.

The natural cider is gluten free and suitable for vegans.


Chilled, 8-10o



This batch is already over date, but still in excellent condition and taste.

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