Decideret Cider(DK) - Plumbastisk (2018+2019), 6,5%, 75cl

Decideret Cider(DK) - Plumbastisk (2018+2019), 6,5%, 75cl

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Decideret Cider is a young craft cidery from the harbour in Copenhagen. 
Since Denmark has not got a tradition of cider making but do have a great variety of eating apples, these guys from Decideret produces wild fermented ciders with those kind of apples, collected from private gardens. 

Because of the lack of cider apples, and therefor a lack of strong tradition, they can experiment and stretching out the boundaries of cider making. 

Think of it like how the US has revolutionised craft beer, with English, German and Belgian brew traditions, focussing more on the longevity of fermentation and the strict rules of the Reinheitsgebot, it were the American micro brewers that added new hops, oats and even lactose to their beers. 

This kind of experimentation is what you see back in the range of ciders from the new wave of young cider making, always wild fermented but looking for ways to make it exciting again. 

Plumbastisk (2018 +2019) is a great example of this. 

This wild fermented apple cider has macerated for 2 months with Opal plums. 

Garden appels from Fun and wild plums from Lilleø come beautifully together with a strong juice nose from ripe plums. 

The acidity on this one varies though, from a very pleasant tartness to a bit more vinegar sourness. 

Therefore it's great as refreshing aperitif or works very well with delicious oysters. 

6,5 % ABV – 75 cl

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