Why seperation of shipping costs

Sending out beautifull bottles of beer, cider or lemonades is a bit of a challenge, as they often are from glass and quite heavy.

Off course we don't want them to break during shipment, so we use special boxes made from multi-layerd strong carton and trick inlay's to protect the bottles. 

These are very expensive but it all comes down to volume; the more we buy them, the cheaper they will become. 

That is why we have chosen to set our product prices as sharp as possible, and separate the shipping costs which includes, the packaging, picking of the order and shipment with carefully selected partners, so if we reach bigger volumes and these costs can come down, we can lower the shipping costs or minimum order amount and maintain our sharp pricing of the products them selves. 

We believe this is a more transparant way of pricing and we hope you understand that we are not an Amazon or Bol, but just starting to share these wonderful beverages from independent producers with you through the world wide webs.