1. Can I drink your lemonades when pregnant? 

We have definitely some nice beverages for you to drink while being pregnant. As parents our selves we know that the coconut water can be a real game changer, but off course also the other lemonades are great like the Bio Mama's, although we would suggest to leave cafeinated beverages such as COLA, BioZisch Mate and even Mate Mama alone, and off course also all beverages with alcohol in it. A low ABV beer with 0,5 or 0,6% is totally up to you. 

We also can imagine that non carbonated drinks like the Fairer Ice Tea's are easier to drink during pregancy. 


2. Why are not all your drinks organic? 

We select our producers with great care and producing organically or mostly even biodynamically is for them and us the base of high quality products and not a goal on its own, just the starting point. But it does not always make sense to undertake the long and expensive road to get the 

With coconut water for instance, farmers don't make any use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers for hundreds of years, but if they want to be certified, they have to pay for that and give up their land for 3 years and that is not always possible if you're independent, like all our producers are. 
Or when you make use of lot's of locally grown wild ingrediënts from food forests for instance, it's not possible to certify you're product organically. 

So for us and them, the right mind set is way more important than the actual marker. That's why we only use products with The Travelling Nut marker that goes beyond just the production method, but also takes in account the whole mind set of the producer. 
What we do guarentee is the fact that all our sold products are 100% natural, free of additives, and produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 
3. So I don't like the drink i received, what now? 

We take great care in selecting our products and we 
hope by sharing our favourite products we can spark curiosity as we believe it is important to create your own pallet; discover what you like but also what you don't like. That information is as important than knowing what you do like, so trying out new things can be also sometimes disapointing but what you don't like maybe someone else does, so share it and try again, because the next one might be your new all time favourite drink. 

On the other hand when a product is not tasting as it should, and it is more of a quality issue, when the product is off, we are happy to change the product with a good one. 

We take great care in trying to get our products as fresh as possible, especially with our craft beer styles like IPA's and such, and we want to share that amazing flavour with you, so when they're not as fresh as they should we also will try to either compensate and sell them with discount or when an older product somehow slipped through we will replace it with a fresher one. 
In either case please contact us at contact@kioskh.nl and we will sort it out together! 
1. I live in Belgium, can I also order at your shop?

Yes you can, we also deliver to Belgium, the shipping costs for orders under the €150 are €13,-. 

Shipping will take place within 5 days after the order is completed. 

2. How long do I have to wait for my order?
Depending on the time and day of the order, we try to ship within 2 days. Our partners than will deliver next day so generally speaking our shipping time is 2-5 days. 
3. How much does delivery cost? 
For orders under the €120 in the Netherlands and €150 in Belgium, we charge €8,- and €13,- per box (max. 25kg). Orders above those amounts are free of charge. 
4. I'm not at home during the day, do you also deliver in the evening? 
Our partners Budbee and PostNL do have the options to deliver during the evening, after you receive track and trace, you are able to change the delivery time. 

Post NL will also deliver on Saturdays. 
For this reason we aks you to share your phone number and email.