At All Things Wild And Natural we love a great cup of coffee, preferably filter and personally a bit more on the nutty, full bodied and chocolate side, or more delicate and tea like, and for sure occasionally a funky lively sour one that challenges our pallet. 

Coming to this preferred flavour profile takes lots and lots of drinking, experimenting and trying out as much different roasters, country's, styles and so on, and yes that can be quit overwhelming. 

So instead of scaring you off we would love to make it more accessible by sharing not only our favourite roasters and beans but also offering knowledge in many forms, like having so called Masters, instead of enthusiasts like ourselves, tell their story, where they got their information from, what set up they started out with and how they brew an ace cup of coffee at home, offering the tools for a basic set up and books and magazines to get inspired to. 

With this section we want to introduce you to this wonderful world that is coffee and through that hopefully open more doors to similar yet totally different worlds for you to explore.