At ATWAN music stands at the base of what we do.

Collecting records probably helped us a lot in the way we source our beverages or basically anything.

We're looking for the unknown, the weird, the groovy, the things that instantly touch us, no matter where it comes from. 

Nothing beats listening to your favourite records while drinking delicious wine or beer or craft soda for that matter. And off course it's also the other way around, why not listing to some great tunes if you're drinking ace beverages. 

We hope we can deliver you both and there for we share our favourite tunes with you, but also offer you a broad range of used and in the future new records from labels from friends. 

Records are graded visually and audibly with a dj ear for big sound system. 

We don't sell records with conditions under VG like Good or Poor as they are not enjoyable to listen to. 

Like with flavour, there is always a door to a new world for you to discover.
Keep exploring the good stuff!