Cider, Fruit Wines & Pet Nat's

Here you can find all the wild fermented ciders, Pet Nat's and fruit wines that we love to share with you. 

They're produced with no additives, spontaneously fermented and therefore with great character and complexity. 

Currently we have ciders from Basque Country from KUPELA, they are a bit higher in acidity and alcohol but very well balanced and therefor easy to drink in any occasion. 

A bit softer are the artisanal ciders from Cidre Kerné from Brittany with also a bit more farmhouse like smell and a bit lower in ABV from 3 - 5%, ranging from sweet Doux, till Brut, a more dry cider. 

Than we have special ciders from Denmark. I see them more as the US style of craft beer, bolder flavours and more experimental. Varying from ageing in certain type of barrels, or adding hops or having blends with other fruits. Since Denmark does not have "real" cider apples like France, Spain or the UK, they are also not bound to those tradition. Although all ciders from Decideret Cider are wild fermented, unfiltered and made in the most traditional way, with as least interference as possible, and therefor are definitely among the best, if you're open for it. 

The cherry wines are more to accompany certain foods, like cheeses, chocolates, desserts or game meats, the rest can be enjoyed by itself and offer a vast array of different flavour profiles suited for any cider or pet nat drinker.